A Bunch Of Snake Pits So You Can Jump Down Them All

Author: MisterMountainMan

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Version: 1.1.1

Downloads: 1133

This is pointless. That's the point.

v1.1.0 Hell levels Added, 5-3 appears to be broken, If you know why, please tell me.

v1.1.1 Hell levels and Yama are fixed. Here's my theory on why:

The Hell levels need to spawn a certain number of spinning ball and chiains, just like how the jungle needs to spawn a black market. For some reason, not having enough empty space in hell makes the third level dark, and you are unable to do anything. If you create a space, all the ball and chains spawn in places replacing the blocks in the snake pit. In order to avoid this, I used unmodified anti-obstacle brick tiles, which is why the 3rd level of hell is brick instead of ground.

Another weird thing is that the Yama fight seems to want st spawn an invisible block above the entrance, which is why there is a "fake-out" spot where the invisible block can spawn.


bliss-bomb: does what it says on the tin
LazyLavaLizard: Somewhat bland, but the fact this exists is awesome.
Memican: It is not pointless, speed running my score is 1:14 please include the hell levels