Shopkeeper obstacle course

Author: Stickymania

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Version: 2

Downloads: 1181

4 fairly short and easy levels with a focus on platforming and timing to avoid shopkeeper aggro. Bonus level on the worm, but you have to force level to get to it.


MithosFall: Alright, just played through your level pack and here's my review. ----The Positives---- 1-?: Everything. This map seamlessly mixes puzzles with platforming. Meaning you can screw yourself by not thinking and/or not playing well. However, if you're incredibly good at this game, you technically can get through all of the level pack on the first try, which is a good thing. Before entering a puzzle, you always see how you can do it right and how you can do it wrong. The level can cause frustration, but it's a good kind of frustration because if you died, it's completely your own fault. The ambiance is fantastic. ----The Negatives---- 1: There are only 4 levels. D= ----Other Notes---- If there was one thing I could suggest to "fix" with this pack is getting the Parachute on 2-2. There is a small chance that a player will go down the right side before getting the parachute and couldn't get back up to get it. They would then have to restart and it wouldn't be their fault. But this is a pretty minor concern. ----Final Thoughts---- If I rated this level pack any lower than five stars, that would be disingenuous of me. Very creative, challenging, and fun.
spinerak: It gives a whole new dimension to puzzling in spelunky. Awesome!
Yoshimitsu524: These levels were very creative and fun. I loved trying it with shopkeeper aggro as well and I look forward to your next levels!
Fapplet: Very Good!
BaerTaffy: Loved it! Unique and challenging!