The Garrison of Thwomps (FIXED VERSION)

Author: mario12323

Avg Rating:

Version: 1.8 (Patched)

Downloads: 980

(Puzzle Platforming, Very Diffuclt) A challenging set of 3 stages that all revolve around the manipulation of thwomps (crush traps).


lisahaik: A very good level pack, I really enjoyed it. At some moments I was like " I really need to do THIS...?" but it was cool anyway. The only thing I didn't like about this pack is that the second level is too long. Accidentally dying at the very end of the level and then having to do it all over again is not that pleasurable. Maybe you should have splitted it into 2 levels or put some ankh checkpoints. Anyway, the map is amazing and it's definitely 5/5.
mario12323: I had to patch the final boss, i left something game breaking in there