Chambers of the Puzzled

Author: dreadmullet

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Version: 1.0.1

Downloads: 1469

This is a pack of 7 challenging puzzle levels, with a bit of adventure thrown in. The focus is on the puzzles, not on platforming skills or in-depth knowledge of the game. The difficulty increases with each level, in general. All tiles are breakable.


BaerTaffy: Not sure if I'm just a moron, but I am completely stuck on 1-4. I acquired the jetpack and crushed the Alien Lord, but beyond that I have no idea what to do. I noticed a mattock tile above the entrance - am I intended to acquire that somehow?
MithosFall: This is the first full puzzle pack that I've rated so far and I had quite a bit of fun with it. Here are my thoughts. -----The Positives----- 1: All of the puzzles are very cerebral and incredibly well thoughts out. I'm super impressed by the quality of these. 2: It does, in fact, scale in difficulty as you progress. I'd say there's a fairly big leap in difficulty from 2-2 to 2-3, but otherwise, pretty linear. 3: All of the puzzles have their own stage associated with them. This may seem like a minor things, but completing one puzzle just to be stumped on the next, when they're both on the same stage can be very frustrating, especially if the second puzzle is unforgiving. -----The Negatives----- 1: I only had one negative for this pack. After making it past all of the levels up through 2-2 and getting stumped by 2-3, I came across 2-4, the last puzzle. And I have a problem with it. With a puzzle this difficult, I dislike that there are so many ways to fail this puzzle. Many of which are unforeseeable. A puzzle is a challenge of the mind where you have all elements, you just need to put it in the right order to be able to proceed. With 2-4, you have to immediately choose what item you want to get with the Orange Frog, without having the ability to know which one you actually need, given you can't see the full area in the bottom-left yet. This gives you basically a 75% chance that you'll choose wrong and have to start over. Although it doesn't take THAT much time to return to the same position, it is still frustrating because you failed due to something you can't control. -----Final Thoughts----- Despite my inability to complete 2-3 and my problems with 2-4, I still can't justify rating this level pack any lower than five stars. As said, I had a large amount of fun and it was very satisfying to solve these puzzles. Great work with this map pack.