The Great Spelunky Escape

Author: ArtsicleOfficial

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Version: 1.0.0

Downloads: 1365

(Adventure Map, Moderate Difficulty) Play as Yang, Average playtime: 1 Hour

You have been locked up by the Yang's for Assault

You now have to break out of prison, and complete all of the obstacles to the bottom of the volcano, and emerge victorious.


1. Shopkeeper fights

2. Puzzles

3. Story

4. Death

5. Gauntlets

Start at 1-1,

End at Yama


GruntingCrunchy: Great, I thoroughly enjoyed it! 29:46 speedrun with crazy Olmec, 5-2 and Yama chokes. Sub 25 is definitely possible
ROBDRAGOON: Been waiting for a prison type level!
ArtsicleOfficial: Thanks!
Memican: This Is Fantastic! it's so creative and has a nice asthetic!