Random Trials of Randomness!

Author: brielski2468

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Version: 2.1

Downloads: 1200

Just four levels (+ Olmec) of random ideas that came to my head. They are pretty difficult, but doable. I have tested (almost) every little thing in each level to make sure it works and is passable.

1-3 is pretty much entirely luck-based, just a heads up.

I have thought about adding more levels, but I might be running out of ideas... :/

Some you may enjoy, some may make you rage,

but all I hope for is you have fun!


MithosFall: This really isn't my normal style of review because of how different this map pack is from others. You say in the original post that this level pack contains many random and unpredictable elements. Those elements are things that I typically try to avoid for my level pack and also tend to put in the "The Negatives" sections of my reviews because it invokes "the wrong kind of frustration", as I call it. However, because it's mentioned in your original post (it's basically the theme), I found myself not getting frustrated by it. In fact, I enjoyed the map pack and didn't really get frustrated while going through it. I'm not necessarily going to say it's a well designed level pack, but it was fun to play. So I'm basing my rating off of my enjoyment factor alone, which would be five stars.