The Quest for the Ankh

Author: MisterMountainMan

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Version: 1.0.1

Downloads: 1572

A 20 Level adventure map pack featuring whatever came into my head when I was making it.

Huge shout-out to the Spelunky speed-running community, particularly Spef and Vlad2800 for their incredible speed-run of this pack that you can watch here:

Also, tell me if I missed anyone who helped optimize the run or who helped out and I will promptly add them, thanks!

1.0.1: Fixed some minor misspellings, ensured that there is a diamond in every level.


Razvan-Prinny: Hello there MisterMountainMan.I'd love to discuss with you sometime as I also hold interest in level making,and your "veteran" status could spark up some wonderful conversation.
The_Goosh: Incredible! My only issues are the minor misspells and lack of diamonds in some levels.
Vlad2800: It was very fun. Only letdown was that bombs and ropes are reset between levels, so finding a nice way to save one was not rewarded.
ArtsicleOfficial: Really fun, I liked the story as well