Ghosted Treasure

Author: ArtsicleOfficial

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Version: 1.0.0

Downloads: 1208

You are an adventurer looking for the Ghosted Treasures that nobody else has ever found

16 levels; all the way to olmec.

This is my first map so don't expect the highest quality, I'm quite proud of it though.

This map is complete with puzzles, parkour, and Item unlocks.



ArtsicleOfficial: Map updated: A lot of changes improving the map thanks to wikonimo
ArtsicleOfficial: yea, the boulder was a bit glitched with frozlunky
wikonimo: Overall, it is a nice level and storyline, with a few issues. I really liked the feel of it being a single adventure, rather than a bunch of levels clumped together, through the use of the ankhs and progressively adding powerups, not usually taking them away. 2-1 really needs a checkpoint. The checkpoint in 2-2 is completely unnecessary. 2-3 is a nice concept but is a bit slow. In 2-4, the boulder texture doesn't work. It is possible to keep the plasma cannon from 2-4 to the end by jumping with spring boots and gliding with the cape across yeti throw areas. 3-2 appears as if you ran out of level ideas. 3-3 is a really nice puzzle, but you can completely skip it by using the mummy jump. Also, the ankh respawns you in the void. In 3-4, it would be nice if you had several layers of water above the spikes, so that people have time to react, and don't have to die and run through the whole stage again. The item removal system in 4-1 doesn't work at all. Even if the player does die, they probably still have an ankh, so respawn with all their items.