The Lost City

Author: Questpurex10

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Version: 1.0.1

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The rumors were true, yea. That ancient city had riches beyond imagination... and psychic creatures so foul. Gather round, and I'll tell you what really happened, so long ago.

It was deep in the desert, and howling winds went all round the peak, yea. Just inside, I saw old platforms hangin' over a lake of fire...


The Lost City is a relatively short and easy level pack, spanning from 1-1 to 2-2 (Including a secret final level).

I focused less on challenge and more on aesthetics. This is my first custom level pack for Spelunky, so I might have screwed up making some parts.

If you find any bugs or cheese, please let me know (or don't) in the comments and I'll try to fix it!

Enjoy! Love Questpurex10.

Patch 1: The Black Market can no longer be reached/completed.


ArtsicleOfficial: I was confused on what to do on 1-2, so I just jumped around yang and landed next to the mummys, hung on a ledge and let them kill mantraps. Was that your intention, there was nothing else that worked. Still rewarding and fun
Questpurex10: Thank you! The leap of faith in 1-2 is actually intentional, for anyone that's brave enough to do it.
OlmecTreasure: Excellent work. It definitely has nice looking levels. And you are right about it not being challenging, but nonetheless they are very well structured levels. I know my first level wasn't as good as this. And I actually did find a cheese in 1-2. You can jump off the edge where Yang is to skip the two mummies.