Deltadox's Obstacle Course

Author: Deltadox

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Version: 1.0.0

Downloads: 1191

Hello wandering Spelunkers! Today I present to you my first custom level, Deltadox's Obstacle Course. It is a 1 level-long adventure with tricky traps to mess you up. The level is kinda difficult (for me anyways), probably a 8/10 difficulty.


MithosFall: Alright, so I downloaded this map, disregarding its rating, and went into it with an open-mind, as I try with all the maps I review. Here are my thoughts. -----The Positives----- 1: The level design, overall, I thought was very good and well thought out. Never did I get "the wrong kind of frustrated", as I call it (though I did come kinda close; more on that later). 2: The level uses neat mechanics all the way through and never felt boring, even after having to play through it multiple times. 3: The challenges presented therein are intuitive, but still difficult. This isn't a puzzle map and it doesn't pretend to be, which is a good thing. -----The Negatives----- 1: I only had one negative, and that's the precise platforming that presents itself late into the level. I'm talking about after you nab the spring shoes and have to jump through a gauntlet of bullets. But even this isn't really too much of a negative, since it's not THAT tough. It's just a slight bit annoying when you have to play through the whole level up to that point just because you made a slight mistake. This is what I was referring to when I said I came close to getting the wrong kind of frustrated. -----Other Notes----- 1: OK, there's an altar near the end (the one that doesn't have water above it). At my first time there, I fell onto it without grabbing the ledge and got sacrificed. Now, this is a fairly easy obstacle to avoid dying to, and it's totally my fault that this happened, but have mercy, lol. I don't think there should be an insta-kill thing this late into a level, even if it is easy to avoid. 2: I think this level could easily be split into two. It's a little long, as far as most levels go, and this could even help with the one negative I had. -----Final Thoughts----- I had a ton of fun with this level pack. The one negative doesn't even really factor in to this, as it's insignificant. Really well done, honestly. I stand by my rating of 5 stars.
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