The Impenetrable Tower

Author: Perfeks

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Version: 1.0

Downloads: 1448

This is a very hard single level (3-1, there is also 3-2, but it's just the ending). It requires perfect knowledge of the game and great skill. It features almost all items of the game and makes sure you use them correctly. This is mostly about a lot of challenging puzzles (there are some hints) and hard moves (but not insanely unfeasible). Just in case you wonder, there IS a solution (there might even be one I didn't think of), trust me ;)

Your goal is to enter the "Impenetrable Tower". Tough mysteries and enemies will prevent you from doing so. Will you be the hero able to reach the entrance of the tower?


lisahaik: Very nice puzzle, I liked it. However, the solution I've found seems to be easier than the one which is "correct". I didn't need a machete, climbing glove, parachute, arrow shafts and even a turret (I just blew it up at the beginning). Maybe it's some kind of a bug, but it worked anyway.
ShadowStorm10006: Fun level. Very difficult. Utilises several advanced tactics. 2 possible solutions I've seen.
Perfeks: [SPOILER] Here is a little guideline just in case you're stuck. This is the order in which you're supposed to collect items. This is just a suggestion, some of them are quite optional, but will help you through and some can be swapped! (it's written upside down, so you don't read it by accident) 1. ss?d?o? 2. uo?pln?? 3. s?o?s ???ds 4. s?o?s ?u??ds 5. ????s ?o??? 6. ??n?????d 7. ??????? 8. ??ol? ?u?q??l? 9. ?d?? 10. ???d??? 11. pl???s 12. ????od?l?? 13. ????n?