The Three Trials


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Version: 1.1

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3 levels ascending in difficulty. The third level is so hard that i don't think anyone in the community could beat it, honestly. If anyone can beat the third level, post it on youtube and show it to me because its not really even designed to be beaten.


Mattock-proofed the levels

Removed spike ball choke point in the third trial

Various fixes


ArtsicleOfficial: not that fun...
badams52: It's a challenging and fun map if you like the "stupid jump" and the backwards whip jump.
OlmecTreasure: (If you haven't even played this level pack don't read this comment because it does give some spoilers)This is a hard level pack. In the very first level it tells how hard these levels are going to be by that first jump that you have to make by showing gravity who's boss. Now you get to the real first level. It's a challenge, you do have to know some tricks like the whip run and how bounce on an alien bounce pad. Great, now on to the second level. This is where it starts to get a little frustrating. Right off the bat you have to make this almost impossible jump twice then get the climbing gloves go up and be greeted by whoever knows how many alien queens you put. Go up some more then go down while the alien queens are being a pain in the ass. Then at the bottom you're greeted by a mantrap, kill it, i have no idea why there is a camera. go up again go down again kill another mantrap and find an ice ray for who knows what it's for when you already have a shotgun. Then you make this stupid jump with the shotgun, kill some more mantraps. Then you find a web gun...What? You already have climbing gloves so i dont really know the purpose of the web gun is. Then you see a bunch of baddies and alien queens still being a pain in the ass. Then you get to level 3, in which you said "If anyone can beat the third level, post it on youtube and show it to me because holy hell, it's difficult". Well guess what if you actually beat the level before that one you would already have the climbing gloves making the third level THE EASIEST LEVEL IN THE LEVEL PACK. Okay so what if you don't have the items from the previous level, well you see it's basically the same bullshit jumping whip trick every time with spikey balls smashing your face, yeah that's hard but really a bad excuse for a challenge. And also I wanted to save this for the ending part of my comment and here it is. You can skip two of the levels by having the mattock with you because they don't have indestructible blocks making it so that you can just mine through the level. And for some reason the third level has indestructible blocks? In conclusion this level is "hard" and is creative in some ways, and does give you a sense of accomplishment after beating a level, however it does have major flaws in it, and I know that it's only the first version of the level, but I hope that you can make some patches to it to make it the level that it should be. And if your wondering about it, i'm not rating this level because i am going to give it a lowish score, and i don't want people to just skip this level because it does have some potential to it.