The Training of Taba Blis - 2-3 Million Run Tactics

Author: badams52

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Version: 1.0.0

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So you want that 2 million - 3 million dollar daily challenge run. There are 2 main ways to do it.

(1) finding a hired help in the black market or in the haunted castle level and keeping him alive to let you get the plasma cannon into the city of gold.

(2) blowing up 2 altars (or more) to get a ball and chain into the city of gold (or beyond) to use the ball and chain to clear out all gold and gems in the level. If you didn't know, you can use the ball and chain to destroy any tile in the game.

Since (1) is real rare and (2) takes lots of practice, this level pack has been designed to give you the chance to practice these two tactics so you will be ready when it happens in a daily challenge. You have been given what you need - plenty of altars and a hired help from the beginning. Can you keep the hired help alive even when ghosting? Can you use the ball and chain to clear a level when the ghost is chasing you?

For realistic Spelunky practice, this version restarts you from the beginning. You will need the ankh which you will get in the black market to get past 3-3 - no other exit. The plasma cannon and scepter will make it easier to get past 4-2.

If you find any errors in game play (not typos) please let me know in the comments. The levels have been tested, but there may be some things that don't work.

Inspired by the awesome tactics from d tea, krille71, and Israel Blargh!


OlmecTreasure: Although I don't really like doing score runs, this was great practice if I ever wanted to do a score run and get that "Big Money" achievement. I also have been wanting to make this kind of level pack, but instead of practicing on a score run, you would have to practice killing Ol'Bitey, because he is 2hard4me :(. Oh yeah, this level pack is totally unrealistic, there is no worm tongue. 1/10