Bosses and How To Kill Them

Author: OlmecTreasure

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Version: 1.0.2

Downloads: 1882

Ready to kill some "bosses"? Good! Now featuring for the first time in Spelunky history, I present to you an 8-level level pack! Filled with the most EXTREME BOSS FIGHTS!

To get the full effect, whenever you encounter a boss, simply put your favorite boss music!

I hope you enjoy this fun level pack

Disclaimer:This is not in the same universe as Yetis and How To Kill(My first level)

UPDATE 1.0.1

New worm level added

Only play it until you beat the level pack

Otherwise it screws up the level flow

Thank you for the awesome feedback

and I hope you enjoy this bonus level

UPDATE 1.0.2

New added map and boss

To enter the new map open Frozlunky, and click on the "Haunted Castle" level and click "Force level to game" and you should be set.

A short level, but a nice addition to the level pack.


ArtsicleOfficial: How are you supposed to make the first jump? Jumping on the snake didn't work, just trying didn't work, back whipping didn't work
PIGRIS: Fun levels! I didn't realize you could drop down from the entrance platforms for the shortcuts until like the last level, so I learned something. Anubis II is fun because he's one of the few minibosses that is reasonable to fight with just the whip.
TunnelMansAfro: Really gr8 level pack!
badams52: Interesting levels. Some very interesting fights. I learned some new tricks. The last fight was not what I was expecting.
OlmecTreasure: Forgot to mention that if you want to see some art just click on the Tut levels to see Mario and Pac-man Thank you for your time