The Further Adventures of Treasure Hunter Reab Learsi

Author: badams52

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Version: 1.0.0

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Reab Learsi is back to treasure hunting. Meet all new levels and new enemies as he romps through with more training from Dr. Gnay.

Just want to take this space to thank all of those who have been influential in my map designing. In no particular order:

Israel Blargh - for his continued antics in spelunky, his fun antics and new learnings that I can incorporate into my levels

Baertaffy - for his introduction of the spelunky trainer way back when, his playthroughs and the recordings of his first spelunky challenges. They are priceless.

PIGRIS - for his awesome, awe inspiring level designing

krille71 and D Tea- for their playthroughs that I watch and learn so much from

Spelunky Bin and it's creator for creating an awesome place to archive custom spelunky maps

Owlpaca for giving me encouragement to create more levels

And to everyone else who worked so hard on the custom levels and have uploaded to spelunky bin or commented on my past creations. You have all helped me in some way create the level packs that I have.

Thank you all.


ArtsicleOfficial: When killing Ol' Bitey, he dies. With him, a boulder comes to clear the path to the next level. Except it doesnt work like that. Its IMPOSSIBLE to jump up there, and there are no bombs or ropes. Impossible, horrible.
IsraelBlargh: Hard to find a level pack more fun than this one. Great tutorialization followed by timed / under pressure gauntlets for people with steady heart rates!
badams52: Thanks OlmecTreasure, I'm glad you liked it. That is a nice cheese on 3-2. I don't mind if people use it. Very inventive for you to find it. And though Yama is on 5-1, Frozlunky just takes the Yama level which was designed as more of a climbing level. Cheers
OlmecTreasure: Man, this was such a great level, it took me a while to beat because of all the challenges you provided, and when I beat the level i was stuck on for so long, and then finally beat it is the best feeling of all. Overall you did a fantastic job with this level. And just so you know and it might just have been me but you put Yama on 5-1. This over lapped the level that was on 5-1. Just might want to go check that out. I also found out a way to cheese 3-2(I think) you just have to whip the worm meat while you fall, and will be able to break the meat and you will take fall damage.(Sorry if i'm not being clear)
badams52: Thanks for your comments Ninja_Melon. You can try the levels beyond the mattock ones. They begin on 2-2. No more mattock after 2-1. You can even set the start level to 2-2 to make it easier.
Ninja_Melon: I'm not going to leave a rating because I never got through it. I loved the beginning and the first part of 1-4, but after the push block puzzles, (as someone who is new to those specific Mattock techniques), It took me a good 6 minutes on the second part of 1-4 (the ascension bit). This kinda put me in a bad mood and I died on the spikes near the tiki traps, which was frustrating. I also couldn't get through 2-1 quick enough as as I said I am very bad with the mattock. I'm not hating on the map as it's not the map designers fault but mine. I'm sure someone with more patience and skill than me will love this map. I've enjoyed your other maps and I hope to see more from you soon :)
badams52: Forgot to thank Sashavol for creating Frozlunky. Just an awesome addition to the original Spelunky engine.