Yetis and How To Kill Them

Author: OlmecTreasure

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Version: 1.0.0

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This is my very first custom made level pack and i hope you enjoy it! This level pack has some story to it but you don't have to go along with it.

In this level pack you only got one shot so be careful.

There are about 12 main levels and 3 more bonus levels.

Good Luck!

If you want to play with the story, read this as you go along.


You,the worlds best spelunker,is sent to the Cave of Yetis to collect all of its finest of treasure! But be wary as people say that there are mean powerful Yetis that will kill in their line of sight! People also so say that there is a greater treasure deep below called Olmec.


As you go into the cave you notice that your eyes haven't adjusted very well with the darkness yet. As you move on ward you are greeted by the second and third best spelunkers in the world, Yang and Mark aka Tunnel Man. Tunnel man gives you a fine parachute and Yang gives you some Royal Jelly. You notice a hole is between the two and decide to go down. With the aid of Tunnel Mans parachute you safely go down. You notice there has been a cave in and a rock stops you from going down. What to do?


After getting pass the furious beast Ol'Bitey, you come across some obstacles. After getting through that you smell something. You smell wet fur. You look down and see some yetis some shades and a jet pack. This must be the remains of an old spelunker.


Your still alive and you see a terrifying amount of Yetis and a pleasing amount of gems. This must be the yeti mines! These mines hold a very valuable treasure! You also see yetis bathing in fresh water this must give them their supreme strength!


Passing through the majority of yetis from the Yeti Mines you encounter more yetis but tons more loot! After passing through the annoying yetis you see a Yeti King that is in a bit of a pickle and some dead spelunkers that tried to escape!


Still alive, you see multiple crush traps and sh*t load of monkeys....SCARY.


Monkeys are great at placing traps! Yeah not to much story to go with here


You made to the Monkey Village! You see more monkeys than ever before and a good amount of treats! You also see a Kali Alter with a supply of dead caveman! Monkeys are great friends with Kali!


You finally made it to the Monkey Temple. Going straight you see a shop filled with MORE DAMN MONKEYS and skeletons. The skeletons come

o life, this is an obvious sight that the ghost came for them and put a curse upon them! Going down you see a damsel and an Idol! Getting through the bunch of knights you blow up the TNT and greet the Golden Monkey! Ok then.


No story here


No story here but you do since a strong evil presence


You made to where there are still living spelunkers having a great battle with the almighty Yeti Kings!


Finally, you made to where no other spelunker has made it before! Olmec's lair! Good Luck

Yes i know the story sucks but still at least level pack is good. RIGHT?


IsraelBlargh: The pack does away with letting you restart every level individually, but there is enough forgiveness for it to be more fun that way. Give it a try, it's a fun change of pace compared to most other level packs!
badams52: Had great fun playing through your levels. The story is pretty nice too.
OlmecTreasure: On 2-4 it was suppose to say the skeletons come to life. sorry about that