Puzzle Adventure Yama Release (20 levels)

Author: HecticXXX9001

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Version: 1.0.2

Downloads: 1211

The semi-final release of the puzzle adventure, including the entire main campaign! Quick thinking and thorough analyzing will be put to the test in this map, with segmented puzzle levels and insane boss fights. Be sure to collect all idols for an extra challenge!


Yashar_Red: I had previously seen the pack on Baer's YT video and was really confused by the end. Turns out it wasn't completed back then. Playing it now, I was incredibly impressed. Almost every level has a new and unique puzzle. Many of them taught me new things about Spelunky (Even after playing regularly for 2 years). While a few levels dragged or disappointed, the package as a whole is pretty mindblowing. Plus I loved, LOVED, 3-2 and the clever nature of their puzzles. Also enjoyed 2-2 and 2-3 (The rush to escape alien targets). Must also mention the simple but beautiful visual touches to all the levels that give each of them their unique flavor. Awesome.
MithosFall: Well, you wanted me to review your level pack, and here it is. ================= What I disliked ================= ----1: At the end of 1-1, I'm not a fan of the Spike Balls. Even though it's not TOO difficult to get past them and you give alot of health before it, it's the pseudo-RNG factor of it. The only time I'm OK with Spike Balls is like on 3-2, or when they're used in a puzzle. ----2: At the end of 1-2, the bats were easy, but I still advise against the notion of "here's a bunch of enemies, deal with them!" Also, although Vlad would have been easy to kill with the Machette, I didn't know it was up there and it would have been a pain to get it. So I killed Vlad using my whip, which took a while. ----3: I carried items past the levels they were given, including Vlad's Cape, the Machette, and Climbing Gloves. ----4: Obstacles that can kill you if you make one mistake can be "the wrong kind of frustration", as I call it. Especially if there are more than one in a single level. Including many obstacles on 3-4 and items bouncing on bounce traps that stunlock you. ----5: Some of the tougher challenges are placed at the end of the level. If you make it through a level just to die to bullshit at the end, that can cause more of "the wrong kind of frustration". Upon completing all of the levels through 4-3 (with 3-4, it annoyed to the point where I just edited a path past the first half of the stage), I got to Olmec, and then I just had to stop. I didn't have the willpower to try to beat Olmec. Though I don't think that's a problem with the level pack. ================= What I liked ================= ----1: I really enjoyed how all of the levels looked. It was very satisfying as I was going through the levels. ----2: I liked that the levels were difficult, but still possible to me, which means possible to most players. ----3: There are alot of puzzles and they're really creative and well thought-out. ----4: Basically everything except what's in the "What I disliked" section. lol ================= My recommendations ================= ----1: Put the more difficult or annoying parts of each level at the start of the level. This is to mitigate the frustration that it causes to the player. ----2: If you're going to have Spike Balls as an obstacle, don't make them too difficult to get through. And giving a ton of health is not a good replacement for that. ----3: Having a ton of enemies as an obstacle is usually (but not always) not very good design. ----4: Ensure that if you give a passive item, that it's meant to be used on all levels past the level you picked it up on. Either that, or implement a way of getting rid of it. ================= Again, despite the flaws in this level pack, I did have fun playing through it. I wouldn't have played through level 4-3 and given it 4 stars if I didn't enjoy it.