Endless Fantasy

Author: curticus2

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Version: 1.0.0

Downloads: 1282

Took me 2 and a half hours to make/complete. Pretty hard, but a lot of fun. Though if you're not into my older levels, you won't like this one much more.


ArtsicleOfficial: The beginning is literally impossible. You forgot the make the ladder have a platform.
Glyph17: I know you want your levels to be hard. But for the love of the gods, please don't make them living nightmares... I completed you level, but i had to do the puzzles separately to undertstand them then do them reliably using the level editor. This means they are individually so hard that completing them all in one try would not require skill, but 95% of luck. The timing puzzle are too tight, and there are no indications about what you have to do. Luckily I know some things about terrain generation and interactions between push blocks and worm meat, but what if i didn't ? If you just put some signs to give some indications, the level would be enjoyable. But right now, It is too hard to be. Well, even if the puzzles are REALLY hard, i managed complete them all in one go, but only because i kinda cheated with the level editor to do them separately before. The puzzles are really smart, but they require knowledge about the game mechanics not everyone has. I still enjoyed it, but you should definitely make it more forgiving and give hints about what the player has to do. And btw, i was able to skip the last jump on the green knight by using a crush block, so you should fix that as well :-)