A Spelunking Adventure

Author: Sebbo03

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Version: v1.0

Downloads: 2088

This is an adventure level pack with all 20 levels including Olmec and Yama.

These levels represent my vision on how the different zones could be in Spelunky without them being randomly generated.

The Level Pack (Updated with feedback ideas) www.dropbox.com

Screenshots imgur.com


If you see falling lava or water in the start, don't worry about it. It's just for manipulating different random elements that I cannot control and spawns randomly. For example Anubis spawn.

The editor is pretty limited in the Hell area which stops me from making them the way I want. So they are not the best looking ones.

I could also not edit the Yama room in the way I wanted so the room is almost the default one with minor changes.

Do use the "Quick Restart resets to current level" option or it will almost be impossible.

Every bomb you get will be gone on the next level so no need to be resourceful.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!


ArtsicleOfficial: Just wasn't fun
badams52: Really enjoyed the levels. Most of them were quick, except for my follies on 5-2. Great fun.
Glyph17: Very good :)