Brutwarst's Challenge

Author: the_master_of_swag

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Version: 1.0.0

Downloads: 1372

Brutwarst's Challenge is a set of 5 levels. The levels are designed to be somewhat challenging without being ridiculous. They contain a mixture of puzzles and platforming. You will need skill to complete this pack, but you need not be a top-level player. This pack is more intended to be fun than it is intended to be an extreme challenge.

This is a final release unless significant bugs are discovered. No more levels will be added. Bugs may be fixed.


fijean: 2.2... the puzzle is very good, but having to do it for a thousand times is really crappy. Very clever but still frustrating. Cannot go further
Cosine256: My only complaint is with 2-2, where the difficult challenges were gathered up at the end of the level, forcing you to spend a minute or so grinding through the beginning puzzles before you could attempt the later ones again. I eventually edited in a checkpoint halfway through the level, and it made the rest of it much more enjoyable. I would far rather have had it split into two smaller levels instead of having to do it all in one try. Regardless, the levels were quite enjoyable and the difficulty of each individual puzzle was very reasonable.
BaerTaffy: Despite my saltiness, this pack was terrific. Great stuff. It may just be me, but I wasn't a huge fan of the misleading paths. They're cute and quirky, but it's just an additional unnecessary element of frustration. Again, though, that's just my personal take.
MithosFall: Overall a very nice and well thought-out level pack. Upon completing levels without editing them (I'll get to that later), there was a sense of satisfaction, where I accomplished the challenge put in front of me. Also, I'm happy to see no RNG elements. I only had one problem, but it wasn't worth taking away a star for. My problem was that on 1-2 and 2-2, the harder parts of the stages came later in that stage. It gave me the "wrong kind of frustration", as I call it. Because of that, I edited some stages so that I skipped the beginning parts that were just taking up time at that point. But that could just be a problem with my skill, or lack thereof, as the case may be. Nevertheless, again, very good level.