Adventures of Lace the purple ninja

Author: The_Two_Blades

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Version: v2.4

Downloads: 1560

Lace is a ninja that wants to prove that he is the best ninja in the world,By finding the Mothercave he meets a new friend,but strange things start to happen! Know Lace must save the cave in this 1-1 - 5-4 map pack!. Sorry for the mis-type in 1-3 when it says "If you did kill all the zombies you are a WIMP" i fixed it so it says "If you did not kill all the zombies you are a WIMP".I also fixed the "keep the ankh" cheat in 4-2. My apologizes for all the mistakes.


IsraelBlargh: Strikes just the right balance between challenge and wonder to provide oodles of FUN. Neato!
bliss-bomb: tricky but never annoying enough for me to quit. shows lots of effort.
badams52: Very enjoyable and well thought out map. Levels were awesomely short so that the deaths didn't distract from the love of the game. Loved the Yama fight!