The puzzling spiderling

Author: Glyph17

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Version: 0.13.0

Downloads: 1448

This level pack contains thirteen puzzle like challenging levels including the black market, but I'm still working on it, so more will be added. All levels are 100% doable. I hope you will enjoy it :)

This map is puzzle oriented, and many times you will only have one try, so make it count and think before you act !

Please rate and tell me what you would like to see next !

(Speed based levels ?)


ArtsicleOfficial: It's long, but I can't say it's fun. No checkpoints (Or not enough) in the levels
Glyph17: Level 3 has been fixed, level 2 has been made easier.
Glyph17: Hehehe, nice cheese on 1/3, i wil try to fix it :)
badams52: I'm enjoying the puzzles, but I'm creating my own shortcuts once I've figured out part of a puzzle. So much death...And I was able to cheese 1-3. using the blue frog behind the worm meat, I whipped it near the mantrap in a perfect position to destroy the mantrap but leave the tree trunk. Then took the skull of the skeleton and used that to stun the other mantrap. Wheeee.
Glyph17: The Jungle 2 level is now waaaay better :)
Glyph17: Sorry about the problem on 1/4, i fixed it, as well as other TNT related problems.
Glyph17: All problem fixed, several map improvements, there are now 3 levels, and the fourth is coming soon :-)
javilink9: Good
Glyph17: Thanks a lot Pigris :) I will try to fix what didn't work (i never had the problem about running to the right in the pit) and maybe add other levels
PIGRIS: [hint spoilers below!!! :P] Cool ideas, liked the use of critters and having to use the spider. Although a couple times the locust blood didn't blow up the TNT, this would probably be less likely to happen if the spikes were one space lower so the blood couldn't jump out. Would also be nice if there was some indication on needing more than 10 HP for the turret (unless there was another solution). For some reason sprinting to the right in the pit only worked once, after removing a block it worked consistently. I think it would be a great level with a few tweaks like these! By the way, if you want the player to start with 0 bombs/ropes after every death, you have to set them to 0 on those levels. The -1 value in the resource editor only applies across levels, not deaths. For the entrance thingy, you can only place an entrance in the top four squares in the editor, so if you move the entrance tile in 1-2 up by one it'll become an entrance door. If there's no entrance door in the top four chunks it acts a bit strange, maybe that was your problem with 1-1.
Glyph17: Did anyone get the same glitch as i did when editing levels ? (The first level spawn is unpredictible)