Artillery Ape

Author: PIGRIS

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Version: 1.0.0

Downloads: 2071

Oh boy, is that ape aiming a rocket at me?

Levels: 1-3 to 5-4.

I think the ape knows how to shoot!

Similar difficulty to Gelophone ( Easier at first but gets more challenging by 2-3.

Holy crow! That ape is a master of munitions.

Also, there is a little bonus level in the Black Market.

The ape! The ape! That style and flair!

These levels are dedicated to Swanky Kong (unrelated to ape in question).

Download to find out more about Alfie, the "Artillery Ape". You may want to lower the SFX volume for the hell levels. Lava falls can get loud.


pimhazeveld: I would really like to know how you managed to place blocks out of the map in level 3-3 and the map is just awesome. the tetris/like puzzle in 3-3 is my favorite part.
TunnelMansAfro: Wonderful level pack. :]
TheBrutalNoodles: A masterpiece in Spelunky level creating. Every level felt like I had entered an entirely new world. Although there were some amazingly complex levels, Parahoot and Psychic Stacks were some of my favorites. The crazy new Yama fight was very tense and actually topped the normal Yama in my opinion. This is the best Spelunky level pack I have played so far.