speed maniac

Author: Eim64

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Version: 1.0

Downloads: 1193

complete every level under 15 seconds, the 2nd level is harder than the 1st and the 3rd is harder than the 2nd. (3 levels)

your goal is simple: complete the levels.


IsraelBlargh: The gauntlets are neat and just the right amount of challenging for me. I enjoy speed gauntlets a great deal so I might be biased, but I liked it a lot. Here's hoping you keep making them!
badams52: I'm not good enough or patient enough for speed levels with arrow traps, so I didn't finish them. But are we supposed to have the bombs and ropes? You can use the level "resource editor" to take away bombs and ropes. I can cheese the levels with the bombs. And even when the platform below the exits explode, for some unknown reason, my version still has a platform under the exit. I cannot figure that one out since you correctly use the "9" and not the "8" for the exit. Maybe it's because the levels are in the temple? I don't know.