The Adventures of Treasure Hunter Reab Learsi

Author: badams52

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Version: 1.0.1

Downloads: 1554

Reab Learsi wants to become a mighty treasure hunter. Follow along as you guide him through his training with Dr. Gnay, encroaching on the tomb of Aral Tforc, going through the caves of Anaidni Senoj, tackling the temple of Adlez, and finishing off with finding the most esteemed treasure of Eelem Island (tm).

New mechanics are being used this time around with the scepter and shield and a few new tricks with the crush traps.

If you get too far stuck on a level, I may provide a solver video, but I hope most levels are easy to moderate difficulty.

Fixed some typos and edited 4.1 so the plasma cannon/teleporter cannot be retrieved before you solve the trap.


IsraelBlargh: I think the best part of Badams52's packs is the on-the-nose balance between challenge and fun. This one is no different, lots of super neat stuff going on throughout the whole thing, great platforming and well designed puzzles. Fun times!
BaerTaffy: Another great pack from you! I'd been considering creating a sort of "advanced tutorial" stage, but you killed it with the first portion of this pack.