King Yama's Gauntlet

Author: Kompletley_Karma

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Version: 1.0.1

Downloads: 1681

Travel through an epic arena and kill all the enemies! What could be more fun than that? Have you got the skills to beat...King Yama's Gauntlet?


IsraelBlargh: Aww. You know murdering all things is my kind of fun.
Tedwan: This was fun. No use of special spelunky mechanics or anything. Just killing monsters. Could've been a little bit longer. The arenas were nice.
badams52: Short and sweet level pack of just killing the enemies. I approve.
Kompletley_Karma: This level was made for all the people out there who like to play custom levels. I made this specifically for my favorite Spelunky player Isreal Blargh.