Abyss Template

Author: BenceJoful

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Version: 1.0.0

Downloads: 1282

Not a typical level pack.

This XML file is a template for you to work off of when making new level packs - just like Frozlunky starts with some sample levels every time the level editor boots up. The difference is that the XML has been edited to remove both walls and floor/ceiling, essentially making every level an "Abyss" level, on all 4 sides.

If you're XML savvy, you can even edit "AbyssTemplate.xml" yourself and turn on/off which walls (or ceiling/floor) are present in which levels. Do this by deleting the line that starts with "<!-- Replace ... bedrock with water --><entity id..." for whatever level you want that wall to appear in. However, make sure you do this before saving the file in Frozlunky, as Frozlunky scrambles the entity list on saving, so it's hard to modify which walls and things are replaced.

Please let me know if you make anything cool with it, or if you have any trouble. Reddit is the best way to reach me.


EncryptedCookies: From looking at the XML, my guess is that water has an ID of 27. How did you get that and do you know of any others?