Author: myndzi

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Version: 0.1.4

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myndzi: I thought I had fixed that (visual cues); turns out I saved it to the wrong file. The orange frogs usually behave, but if you're having trouble, make sure that you position yourself so they jump right at least twice before bringing them leftwards.
MithosFall: This is a really neat level and idea. I would rate it 5 stars, but there were a few points in which the level broke itself and I couldn't continue. Such as the orange frog chain at the very start. Sometimes, they would explode without hitting the spikes, so the mattock wouldn't drop down and the next frog couldn't explode. Also, there was at one point in which I had no idea what to do. The push block was pretty obvious, but, since I had no idea what to do afterwards (mattock the wall), I pushed that out of my mind. Pun intended. ;) Just a little bit of indication where mattocking is possible, such as using ice blocks or jungle terrain blocks would alleviate this concern. But, again, other than that, really nice level.