AuthorNameDescriptionVersionAvg ratingDownloadsLast Update
CharbomberEASY WIN!JUST WAIT 5 SHORT SECONDS!!!! DONT EVEN DO ANYTHING!1.0.0Not yet rated1413 days ago
CharbomberCharbombers splunky advanced stuff!Inspired from another map named simerlerly, dont know the link to it though. really only made because a family member is struggling with the game. UPDATE: some bug fixes... like making it possible to beat >:(1.0.2Not yet rated2613 days ago
CharbomberHell of a good time!Seems like you will have a hell of a good time with this! althou only 4 levels there realy fun and hard ones! mix and match weapons and accesorries for replayabilaty! can you make it to yama? will yama still be hard with the plasma cannon? find out now by downloading this!1.0Not yet rated2415 days ago